Get SOC 2 compliant infrastructure,
right out of the box.

When you deploy on Kapstan, your infrastructure is automatically SOC 2 compliant. No extra work required.

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The typical SOC 2 process is painful and can take months!

01. Engage a vendor
(takes 1-2 weeks)
For a startup, the SOC 2 compliance typically starts with engaging a vendor.
02. Initial gap analysis
(takes 1-4 weeks)
The vendor begins with an initial gap analysis. Unless your team has been following DevSecOps best practices, they're likely to find multiple issues.
03. Fix and resolve issues
(takes 3-6 months)
These issues are surfaced to your team in the form of tickets that need to be fixed and closed, before your vendor can proceed.
04. Re-test controls
(takes 1-3 months)
The vendor will re-test your newly implemented controls to ensure they meet SOC 2 criteria.

With Kapstan, get SOC 2 compliant in weeks, not months.

Kapstan's default SOC 2 compliant infrastructure streamlines the process.

While initial assessment (1-4 weeks) and external audit (1-3 months) still take time, Kapstan minimizes the most time-intensive part - implementation and remediation.

Users often face zero tickets, enabling faster compliance and focus on core business needs.

Companies that work with sensitive data love Kapstan.

Fintech, legaltech, healthtech, and similar companies that deal in highly sensitive data love Kapstan.

SOC 2 compliance is an extremely powerful tool to ensure customers – and ourselves – that data is being treated and protected appropriately.

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