Migrate from Vercel to AWS using Kapstan

Take advantage of a complete developer platform without compromising on flexibility and control.

Why Kapstan

What we offer over Vercel

Developer productivity

As your product scales, you may find yourself constrained by Vercel’s control over infrastructure. PaaS platforms often abstract away many details, which can hinder fine-grained optimizations that become necessary over time.

Architectural flexibility

The Vercel ecosystem can heavily influence your architecture, toolset, and technology choices. It’s crucial to consider whether a serverless architecture will continue to serve your needs or do you see an evolution towards an event-driven architecture?

Affordable pricing

Serverless costs very little to start with. But, it costs a lot more at scale. With Kapstan, your costs won’t increase in proportion to your traffic spikes.

No cold starts

Avoid impact on user experience caused by latencies due to the well known cold start issues with serverless architecture. Leverage the goodness of optimal resource management and autoscaling that come with control planes like kubernetes without having to deal with it’s complex configurations.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

Robust logging and application monitoring are essential as your product gains traction. You’ll need access to logs and metrics beyond a single day to effectively debug issues. Vercel’s logging solution leaves much to be desired, with only 1 day of log storage in their pro tier. Enjoy out of the box logs, health metrics and application performance monitoring with 7 days worth of data when you deploy with Kapstan.

No vendor lock-in

Vercel provides an excellent deployment experience but if you decide to migrate away, it can be complex. Deploy your software with Kapstan, where you have full access to the terraform code which we use to power your deployments. We will ensure that you have a smooth transition experience.

How it works

Migrate with no effort and no downtime



We get on call to understand your application stack, and propose the migration plan.



We setup your entire stack on cloud of your choice using Kapstan.



Once your applications are up and running on your cloud, we test and verify that everything is working as expected.



Redirect your production workload to the new deployment.

Supercharge your development team with Kapstan

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