Unlock continuous innovations with CI/CD pipelines

Free up your time from manual build processes, lengthy testing, and scripting overheads.



Push your code to Github, Bitbucket or any other version control system of your choice.



Set up automatic build pipelines to build containers for code written in any language, and push images to your container registry.


Deploy and test

Builds will automatically deploy to your CD enabled environments. Review and test your changes. Get feedback and iterate.



Promote to production once you are confident of the build.

Boost your development with CI/CD pipelines

Speed and efficiency

Automate code integration, testing, and deployment for faster delivery, allowing your team to focus on innovation rather than repetitive tasks.

Continuous feedback loop

Instant feedback on code changes enhances collaboration and ensures higher quality software with early issue detection.

Cost savings and resource optimization

Reduce operational costs and downtime while maximizing ROI through efficient resource utilization.


Hear from the community

Manaswini Sugatoor
Kapstan allows us to efficiently handle DevOps with just one engineer, eliminating the need for a dedicated team. Provisioning infrastructure like Kubernetes, Kafka, and databases is as simple as a click. We easily run and monitor cron jobs, receive real-time notifications, and maintain excellent production health observability.
Headlamp Health
Andrew Marshak
Kapstan’s no-code solution cut our deployment time, letting us run smoothly without a full-time DevOps engineer in our early-stage startup.
Co-Founder, Headlamp Health
Lindsey Meyl
Kapstan has created immense value for us, not just to deploy strong cloud infrastructure but also in giving us a headstart toward SOC2 compliance.
Co-Founder, RevAmp
Arsalan Kham
Great to see solutions like Kapstan making DevOps and SecOps more accessible, especially for startups!
Vinayaka Naik
Really liked workspace cloning, easy account integration, deployment tracking features etc. If you are building a startup, Kapstan is worth taking it to account. All the best team!
Product Hunt
Carl Moos
Great stuff. Definitely sharing with the DevOps folks in my network. Excited to follow along in the continued journey.
Vinod Patil
We at RevAmp have been using Kapstan for our infrastructure management with app deployment. It needs very little to no expertise in AWS and Kubernetes deployments, which couldn't have been possible without Kapstan.

Simplify your DevEx with Kapstan

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