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Great for individual developers and small teams

  • Manage up to $500 of cloud resources per month
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited deployments
  • Unlimited seats
  • Health metrics & logs
  • Vulnerability management
  • Community support

Great for growing teams

  • Everything included in 'Free'
  • Manage unlimited cloud resources (no limit on cost)
  • Enterprise-grade support
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Need support?
I already have my infrastructure in place. What does Kapstan do for me?

Kapstan is a great fit for teams with existing infrastructure! Kapstan facilitates app deployment and continual monitoring of your infrastructure. Kapstan can be used to provision well-architected infrastructure and manage app deployment and monitor them post hoc.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps = Developer + Security + Operations
DevSecOps engineers are developers with expertise in security, compliance, and infrastructure operations. The difference between DevOps and DevSecOps is the security and compliance aspect — for example, DevSecOps engineers know SOCII compliance and privacy best practices.

What cloud providers do you support?

Amazon Web Services currently, with future support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Is Kapstan a substitute for my cloud provider (e.g., AWS)?

No. You still need your cloud provider. However, once you sign up for that, you can use Kapstan to stand up your infrastructure.

I don’t have a background in DevOps. Can I still use Kapstan?

Kapstan’s no-code interface will guide you through each step of well-architected infrastructure provisioning. For custom deployments, Kapstan lets you adjust your infrastructure to your preferences. We’re firm believers in continual edification, so we hope to help you build your understanding of DevOps without you having to be a specialised DevOps engineer.

I don’t have a DevOps team. Is Kapstan my DevOps team?

Kapstan allows early-stage companies just getting infrastructure off the ground to reduce their DevOps burden and the need for specialized DevOps talent so that early teams can focus on their core product and the tools to support product features.

I already have a DevOps team. Does Kapstan replace my DevOps team?

Even if you have a DevOps team, Kapstan is a force multiplier that allows existing DevOps teams to focus on the tools to support product features.

Can I trust my DevOps to Kapstan?

We believe infrastructure is mission-critical for any company that takes tech seriously, and trusting your infrastructure is paramount. You can trust your DevOps to Kapstan’s well-architected deployments. Built from the ground-up by industry veterans who have handled infrastructure challenges at scale from startups to Salesforce, managing petabytes of data and close to 50,000 virtual instances, deploying Kapstan is leveraging in-demand and specialized expertise that is difficult to hire for.

Can I manage my infrastructure through Kapstan, or will I need to go back and forth between my cloud provider?

Yes, after initially connecting to your cloud provider, you can manage your infrastructure directly from Kapstan. Capabilities include interacting with users, setting permissions, and setting up third-party connections.

Is it safe to give my credentials to Kapstan?

Kapstan explicitly asks users if they give permission to share these credentials and also informs them how they will use the cloud plan depending on the credentials provided.

Can Kapstan match my company’s growth?

As your company grows in complexity, size, and scale, we grow to support all of it. As your team expands, we can provision new workspaces (production, dev, etc.), as your product scales to new users, we automatically scale to match incoming traffic.

I am soon approaching my Free usage limit. What should I do?

No worries, reach out to us (email us on, we’ll help you onboard to the best suited plan.

What is the Kapstan’s fair usage policy?

Kapstan's Fair Usage Policy is designed to cater to the diverse needs of all user types. You can read more about it here: Fair Usage Policy.

Can I offboard from Kapstan?

While we’d love for you to stay, you can easily offboard from Kapstan—with no disruption. If you want to manage your own infrastructure and applications, simply delete the user we’ve created with your cloud provider.

Vivek Vaidya

Former CTO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I wish this solution for rapid no-code deployment of well-architected infra was around when I was spinning up my last few companies.

Andrew Marshak

Co-founder, Headlamp

Kapstan’s no-code solution cut our deployment time…letting us run smoothly without a full-time DevOps engineer in our early-stage startup.

Amit Patankar

Co-founder & CTO, Bluevoice

Kapstan simplified AWS with its user-friendly interface and easy integration into complex DevOps. We’ll continue with Kapstan.

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