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Infrastructure provisioning should be
Introducing Kapstan’s One-Click Terraform: Next step in your DevSecOps journey
By Ankur Khurana,
Principal Engineer @ Kapstan

Vivek Vaidya

Former CTO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I wish this solution for rapid no-code deployment of well-architected infra was around when I was spinning up my last few companies.

Andrew Marshak

Co-founder, Headlamp

Kapstan’s no-code solution cut our deployment time…letting us run smoothly without a full-time DevOps engineer in our early-stage startup.

Amit Patankar

Co-founder & CTO, Bluevoice

Kapstan simplified AWS with its user-friendly interface and easy integration into complex DevOps. We’ll continue with Kapstan.


Kapstan was founded by seasoned startup engineers who’ve had to bang their heads against the wall of deploying the same infrastructure again and again to best practices.

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